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If Java is a steady freight train, then Ruby on Rails is one of the sleek, super-fast Acela trains that whoosh travelers along Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. Java has come under pressure as being unfit for the Web tier because of its complexity, while scripting or dynamic languages such as PHP, Perl and Python continue to gain acceptance because of their ease of use and performance. At both the EclipseCon and TheServerSide Java Symposium last week, two major Java-oriented events, the mantra seemed to be about how to make Java more like Ruby on Rails. Indeed, due to the complexity of Java and the Java Enterprise Edition platform, several Java development framework projects sprang up to provide Java developers with lighter-weight, simpler-to-use options, including RIFE, Seam, Spring, Tapestry and Trails, among others. However, the non-Java Ruby on Rails, which is based on... (more)

Ruby on Rails One-Day Seminar: Introducing Ruby on Rails – the Pain-Killer for Web Developers

According to its founding light David Heinemeier Hansson (pictured), Ruby on Rails (RoR) is about "taking the pain away and making you happy." Hansson, who was a speaker at SYS-CON Events' inaugural "Real-World AJAX" One-Day Seminar earlier this year, says he knowingly advises people, before they try Rails, to cut their teeth in web-development on the mainstream offerings first. "Once you've tried developing a substantial application in Java or PHP or C# or whatever," he says, "the difference in Rails will be readily apparent. You gotta feel the hurt before you can appreciate the ... (more)

Testing in Ruby on Rails

You've just finished writing your Ruby on Rails application, your test suite tests your models and controllers in depth, but you still can't tell from your tests if your RJS responses are functioning properly, or if a Javascript error is happening in the browser, which means that your tests can still be improved. In this talk, the speaker will outline some options you have for testing your AJAX-powered Ruby on Rails application from both the client and server sides. The speaker will show examples illustrating how to test your RJS calls from the server-side with the use of some Ra... (more)

RadRails 1.0 for Aptana Studio Is Out

"It has been a long time coming and includes a lot of new features and polish," said Chris Wiiliams, who runs the RadRails project. "We're especially proud of the progress we've made here at Aptana since we took over the project. RadRails 0.7.2 users will definitely want to check out this new release - it offers a more stable environment, full Rails 2.0 support, support for JRuby, and a boatload of new features." Williams' comments came as Aptana today released RadRails 1.0 for Aptana Studio, a development plugin for Aptana Studio which itself can run standalone or be plugged int... (more)

SYS-CON i-Technology Podcast: Internet TV Event Tracks, Ruby on Rails 1.0, Qanta Wins $100 Laptop Contract

Ruby on Rails has arrived at the big 1.0, according to Copenhagen-based developer David Heinemeier Hanson. Taiwan-based Quanta Computer has been awarded the contract to develop the world's first $100 laptop, a brainchild of MIT Media Lab Director Nicholas Negroponte that is intended to reach users throughout the world that can't afford current technology. ThunderHawk Symbian Series60 Edition complies with Symbian interface guidelines while offering the same features and functionality users have come to expect from ThunderHawk. SYS-CON’s Events "iTVcon Internet TV Conference & Expo,... (more)